Juni’s Sister

Yeah, if you ever played Knytt Stories original level The Machine by Nifflas the title might sound familiar. In that level, Juni does indeed have a sister. However, this knytt story talks about other Juni and her another sister. Could these stories be happenning in alternate universes? It could be an explanation that Juni does have so many brothers and sisters, her home is placed one time in hilly wonderland and another in a sandy desert… and so on. But let’s stick to the theme.

Juni’s Sister is the second of my three initial levels released together one December evening in 2007. It is another small adventure situated in the Knytt World and follows classic KS story about looking for someone or something. Unlike its predecessor, this level does contain multiple environment changes. Before I spoil you everything, give the level a try. And try to be calm about it, these three levels are really quite old.

Categories: Easy, Small, Challenge

Download v.3.2 (89.08 kB) from KS Level Archive