Knytt Garden

Knytt Garden is my first large scale project. Let me take you on a walk within the gardens of vast Knytt Plain. This environmental playground level will give you an exploration vibe. The world contains more than 100 unique screens, a few custom tilesets, special Nifflas’ music tracks and one secret area.

Categories: Easy, Medium, Playground
(The level was originally released under Normal category)

Download v.1.1 (14.12 MB) from KS Level Archive

Level topic on Nifflas’ Support Forum

Underground of The Deep Forest

There are some levels for Knytt Stories, that were sleeping my hard drive for a very long time since I finally published them as they were. This is the one I actually completely forgot it was ever published and just realized it recently browsing KS Level Archive. I started working on in in 2007 and abandoned it, but in 2009, I don’t know why, somehow it got out.

Underground of The Deep Forest is a sequel to the original The Strange Deep Forest. This time you have been locked in the underground. Will you be able to find all keys and unlock the gate back to the surface? It is a short challenge, but after the years I enjoyed replaying it. So I hope you will too.

Categories: Normal, Small, Challenge

Download v.1.1 (41.96 kB) from KS Level Archive

The Mine

From the earliest levels for Knytt Stories there is one we loved in our family the most – the unique environmental experience Gaia by Anyndel & Drakkan. In the underground of the first screens of this level was a lot of mining equipment. But no actual dynamite explosions. So we explored this idea a bit…

The Mine is another level I created in collaboration with Dadak. Juni was left and locked out in the mining facility. Will she be able to return back to the surface?

Categories: Easy, Small, Challenge

Download v.2.0 (47.39 kB) from KS Level Archive

Ghost Land

When you play some game for a while, others might get interested in it when you show them. And that’s when you’ll have to put some effort to bring it to them in a bright light. In the case of Knytt Stories you’ll have to also teach them how to make new levels, since that is a part of the game’s legacy. And this is how this level was born.

Ghost Land is a level Dadak created in collaboration with me. It was released a just while after my three initial Knytt Stories levels in early 2008, so a short easy challenge is what you should except. Level size is tiny.

Categories: Easy, Small, Challenge

Download v.1.1 (76.99 kB) from KS Level Archive

Waterless land

After playing the original level for Knytt Stories The Machine, I was so inspired that I decided to make my own variation of it. For a starting level designer, it was biting off more that I could chew, so I ended with much smaller world.

Waterless land is the last of the three Knytt Stories levels I initially released. I made it back in 2007 so don’t except some epic story, it just somehow stopped raining. Your task is to help your sister to save the world. Don’t ask for details, just take it as is.

Categories: Easy, Small, Challenge
(originally released under Normal category)

Download v.3.0 (117.62 kB) from KS Level Archive

Juni’s Sister

Yeah, if you ever played Knytt Stories original level The Machine by Nifflas the title might sound familiar. In that level, Juni does indeed have a sister. However, this knytt story talks about other Juni and her another sister. Could these stories be happenning in alternate universes? It could be an explanation that Juni does have so many brothers and sisters, her home is placed one time in hilly wonderland and another in a sandy desert… and so on. But let’s stick to the theme.

Juni’s Sister is the second of my three initial levels released together one December evening in 2007. It is another small adventure situated in the Knytt World and follows classic KS story about looking for someone or something. Unlike its predecessor, this level does contain multiple environment changes. Before I spoil you everything, give the level a try. And try to be calm about it, these three levels are really quite old.

Categories: Easy, Small, Challenge

Download v.3.2 (89.08 kB) from KS Level Archive

The Strange Deep Forest

There is a game I always loved an its name is Knytt Stories. It is a beautiful platformer game featuring a few levels with unique stories from it’s original creator Nicklas “Nifflas” Nyrgen and hunderts of others by various members of the community on Nifflas’ Support Forum. The game was released in late 2007, so it has been now more than thirteen years since I started playing it. And like the others I created a few custom levels. Last year I started revisiting them and now is the time to show them again to the public.

The Strange Deep Forest is the first level I ever created. It is just a tiny adventure made using the default assets coming from another great game by Nifflas, Within A Deep Forest. Strangely, before I started designing this, I did not know about that game yet. Just saw the assets used in other Knytt Stories level The Chamber of Trials by Fredulom. After some time I found out about WADF and came up with a simple plot for this level. And of course, spent a lot of time playing the original game.

Categories: Easy, Small, Challenge
(originally released under Normal category)

Download v.1.6 (48.67 kB) from KS Level Archive

Knytt Stories Custom Objects

Blue Knytt

[Custom Object #]
Init AnimTo=34
Init AnimSpeed=50


Brown cat

[Custom Object #]
Tile Width=48
Tile Height=24
Init AnimTo=69
Init AnimSpeed=100



[Custom Object #]
Init AnimTo=64
Init AnimSpeed=200