The Strange Deep Forest

There is a game I always loved an its name is Knytt Stories. It is a beautiful platformer game featuring a few levels with unique stories from it’s original creator Nicklas “Nifflas” Nyrgen and hunderts of others by various members of the community on Nifflas’ Support Forum. The game was released in late 2007, so it has been now more than thirteen years since I started playing it. And like the others I created a few custom levels. Last year I started revisiting them and now is the time to show them again to the public.

The Strange Deep Forest is the first level I ever created. It is just a tiny adventure made using the default assets coming from another great game by Nifflas, Within A Deep Forest. Strangely, before I started designing this, I did not know about that game yet. Just saw the assets used in other Knytt Stories level The Chamber of Trials by Fredulom. After some time I found out about WADF and came up with a simple plot for this level. And of course, spent a lot of time playing the original game.

Categories: Easy, Small, Challenge
(originally released under Normal category)

Download v.1.6 (48.67 kB) from KS Level Archive